Friday, November 23, 2007

things are a bit behind

I kept meaning to write up a post about (you know what.. or hopefully you don't) but I'm just not able to write something that covers both the feelings ON THE DAY and the distance and ca va maintenant, Thanks giving this weekend and PSW in Parakou as of sunday. I'll keep trying for the blog post, or two or three, and considering the access to internet should be ok in Parakou maybe I'll even get them online.
LOVE to all


loehrke said...

Happy Thanksgiving to YOU!!!!
Hope your day was wonderful and that you have a fun gathering this weekend.
I have no idea what the mystery topic is but I hope it isn't sad.
Be happy and be healthy and be safe.
From Carly's dad

Judith A. Johnson said...

So sorry about THAT DAY, not an experience made any better by being on your own in Africa without a stupid husband, what were you thinking! ( I hope you know I am joking) I do feel badly for you and I am sorry about Erin's departure, sounds like she will be really really missed.