Thursday, November 29, 2007

Becoming a Statistic

So the mystery topic.
November 2nd, right around when Erin was letting us know she was leaving I was finding out that about 60,000 CFA (120 USD) was missing from my money envelope. As you have read I recently had a massive flood so since I had moved almost every possession I have to a new location I legitimately thought that I probably lost the money. I mean its not like i didn't lose all kinds of paper work only find it drying in random places around the house later. Then on November 10th I found out that of the 30,000 CFA I had left there was only 6,000. So I definately had a theif, someone coming into my house twice (at least) to take things of mine, they would have had to search, they would have had to watch me and learn my schedule when I was out of the house but not far enough away from the house to have locked the doors. Not at all a pleasant thought, and really not at all pleasant to deal with.
I went up to NAti and filled out my incident report, and talked to my PCVL. I also went to the bank and got money. Ended up talking to the Gendarmes and the Peace Corps, of course the money is not likely to be recovered, but its not tres grave. I think it would be hard for me to describe in writing, in a crowded cyber, how I felt about it then, but now things are well, my community has been really supportive of me, and of course shocked and outraged, but things are honestly going much better now, and Like I sazid the more distance (in terms of time) I get the better I feel about the whole thing.
Thanks to all the wonderful people who support me!


MarjW said...

Happy to know that this incident is pretty much behind you as I know it was tres difficut at the time...Matt, Dad and I send you lots of good thoughts and love...Mom

loehrke said...

Well that just stinks.
It's creepy and I'm sure you feel violated and a little less safe.
It's also frustrating that you're sacrificing so much to help and some lowlife decides to steal from you.
I'm sure your community will rally around you and your home will be the safest one around. I agree with your mom that this stupid incident will fade very quickly and karma will reward you with something WONDERFUL and AMAZING very, very soon.
Good vibes are coming to you from Kalamazoo!!
WIth great affection, Mark Loehrke (Carly's dad)