Thursday, May 22, 2008

So long

So I realize that it has been like 3 months since I posted a vrai blog entry. For which I am incredibly sorry (loyal blog readers I apologize) esentially life caught up with me and all of the sudden there was no time to sit around brooding in my house and writing up blog posts. In reality the spring (chaleur) which everyone said would go ridiculously slow because it was so hot went ridiculously fast because I didn't have a minute to think about how hot it was. and it was HOT everyday was over 100 in the house so who knows how hot it got in the sun. But i was distracted by visitors in the form of other PCVs and getting ready for my world map which I painted with the help of Adrienne (kolokonde) and Laura (Natitingou) at the end of April (it now adorns the batiment wall in all its 16 foot by 8 foot glory). May has been somewhat calmer or at least would have been if it wasn't for the wildly fluctuating devoir week. every time it gets close (I mean the wednesday before) they push it back. Which has left me grasping at straws trying to figure how to teach and keep the kids occupied while still leaving the oppertunity to turn my lessons into reviews if the devoirs will only finally stay put! On top of this I'm trying to plan for the big vacation parents to benin then off to Greece, finland, and london. I'm most excited about washing machines, hot water, and replacing all of my paint stained clothing (which is infact all of my clothing!)

Of course not everything has been fun and games had some bad news from home, and spent a few days being sad and lonely only to then be scolded for being anitsocial, (well forgive me!) I'm not aloud to be antisocial, but I also shouldn't be social if I'm sad... talk about contradictions!

I know this is all terribly quick in the world of updates. but I have a rather amusing incident concerning my students and the simple past tense I want to type up next.. and maybe some observations on soap... :) will write more tonight if the internet it still working!


loehrke said...

It's great to have you back!!!
Never feel guilty about not writing!! You are a busy bee and when you have time then it's wonderful; when you don't it's because you've got bigger fish to fry.
The ever-moving devoir sounds like it would be funny if it weren't so darn frustrating.
The vacation plans sound amazing. I am so glad you have something BIG to look forward to soon.
As always, with great affection, Mark Loehrke (Carly's dad)

Judith A. Johnson said...

So sorry to hear you had some bad news Being so far away is hard, especially when you are by yourself. Oh, dear, I hope that didn't make you feel worse!!
Sounds like you have some great big plans ahead, if school ever ends.
Look forward to your next blog entry, whenever it is :-)