Saturday, January 19, 2008


The first batch of cookies is done, it made about 25, 5 of which are no good because the first set in the dutch over got the bottoms burned, I was nervous about the heat, to hot and the bottom burns, not hot enough the cookie isn’t as good, but I got it down for the next 4 sets. Without brown sugar the cookies are lacking a little something, but I doubt anyone but me will notice. So one set of oatmeal cranberry cookies down. (before you ask, no there are no cranberries here, yet another bon chose my mom sent. :]) Also, we’ll see but yesterday when I mentioned to my Mama that I would be making cookies today for New Years she seemed really surprised and asked to come over and watch how they are made, so it’s possible that I’ll have a baking lesson today on cookies too, but since this is Africa and more often than not people say they are going to come over then don’t I’m not sure she’ll actually come. I also got scolded gently by one of the priests at the catholic mission he stopped me on the way back from buying butter.
“Miriam, are you in the world?”
“Yes I’m here.”(the amusing thing here is that while in french this conversation happens a lot, tu existe?, but this took place in English which made the question seem really odd to me)
“We haven’t seen you.”
“I meant to stop by but I’ve been sick, and then I was busy.”
“We’ll see you then.”
The really aggravating thing about this is that while I’ve been sick and grading deviors etc. People seem to think that I should have been visiting them, what I want to know is if they are that into seeing me why haven’t they ever come over to visit me? No ever stops by my place. Anyway, I’m planning on heading over today with a book on the Baha’i Faith (Baha’u’llah and the New Era) they are really curious about the Baha’i faith and want to learn more about my religion, but they read English better than speak it so I’m taking them the book to pour over, since there is no way I can even begin to explain religion in French.

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loehrke said...

Are you in the world??
SUCH a great question!!!
I am now planning on asking that of my students from time to time when they seem to be spacing out.
The things you are teaching all of us from Benin!!!
All the best, Mark Loehrke (Carly's dad)